Stanozolol Suspension

Stanozolol Suspension

The drug was developed in 1959 in the UK. In those days, stanozolol was used to treat diseases associated with tissues and muscles, burns, osteoporosis. It was also given to children with stunted growth. Now indications for the use of stanozolol tablets are:

- cachexia;
- Violation of protein synthesis;
- Injuries and burns;
- Pre- and postoperative period;
- Radiation therapy;
- prolonged infections;
- Osteoporosis;
- muscle dystrophy;
- toxic goiter;
- Anemia.

However, stanozolol is most often used by bodybuilders for fat burning and muscle growth. The drug increases strength and muscle mass without retaining water in the body. It is worth noting that Stanozolol does not increase body fat.

Red blood cells carry oxygen to every part of the body, including muscles. This helps them recover faster. Athletes also show an increase in performance.

Female athletes choose stanozolol because it has minimal androgenic effects, for example, does not lead to voice changes.

Stanozolol contraindications

Stanozolol should not be taken if there are the following contraindications:

1. Allergy to the components of the drug;
2. Children's age;
3. Pregnancy and lactation;
4. Prostatitis;
5. Renal and liver failure;
6. Atherosclerosis;
7. Ischemic heart disease;
8. Oncology.
Possible side effects

In some cases, the drug can cause side reactions:

1. Virilization in women;
2. Toxic effect on the liver and prostate;
3. Increased blood pressure;
4. Accumulation of cholesterol;
5. Hair loss;
6. Acne;
7. Gynecomastia;
8. Development of IHD;
9. Hypercalcemia.

Sometimes there may be pain in the bones, peripheral edema, digestive disorders.

Why is it worth ordering Stanozolol?

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Stanozolol Suspension British Dispensary is stanozolol in the form of an aqueous suspension, is quickly absorbed by the body, lasts for 8 hours. The drug has a pronounced anabolic effect, more than 3 times stronger than testosterone. Indicated for use during the drying process and preparation for the competition.

The drug helps to saturate tissues with oxygen, increase endurance, ATP synthesis, and slows down the formation of products of catabolic processes. Has antiallergic action.

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